• Vee Takaloo

    Vee Takaloo

    Multi-award winning, black and grey realism artist

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Vee Takaloo

Vee Takaloo is the founder of Skin Kitchen Tattoo Lounge, and in the 10 years he has been tattooing he has become one of the industry’s leading black and grey realism artists, winning back to back awards and being featured in numerous magazines and TV appearances. His high contrast black and grey style has attracted the attention of some of the industry’s leading tattoo companies, as well as some of the most highly regarded celebrities in TV, film and music.

He built the basis of the team by firstly training Jordan Baker who is now widely regarded as one of the UK’s best colour realism artists, and has won multiple awards in multiple fields himself. Vee then went on to train Lee Compton and Olivia Grace Fox, and together they form the family of Skin Kitchen, which is now widely considered to be the best studio in the UK.

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Founded in 2008 by multi-award winning black and grey realism artist Vee Takaloo, Skin Kitchen has made its mark in the tattoo industry...
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